Not the fun parent.

When I was younger, my mother asked me how she looked. I am a very sarcastic person and I told her “Ugly”. I was about 4 or 5 and complete joking. But my mother took it to heart, ran to her room crying. I felt horrible. 10 minutes later my mother came out and we went to where were going. I never understood why she was upset.

Tonight, my son told me that I was not the fun parent. I do play with my children and try to have fun, but I have always been the responsible one. When growing up my mother worked a lot and had a lot of boyfriends, so I was left raising my siblings. I had to grow up fast and she had to rely on me being mature enough to care for them. But when my son told me that I was not the fun one it hurt. I always make time for my children. I am very active in their lives as a cheerleader or to help them with anything. I make sure I am constantly involved. Maybe to much, because my mother was never there.  But I am not the fun parent. That is my husband. He plays with them, constantly. He is their best friend. And I am not the fun parent. As I write this out and think about what my son said. I guess I realize that enough though I am not the fun and I am the “grown up”. And even though it hurts that my children do not see me as fun. I pray that one day they will look back and say “my mom was always there for me”. Even if I am not the fun one.

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