Untitled Poem 01/22/2009

We are the same. We are opposites.
We have moments of great stupidity;
we have moments of tremendous wit.
I feel overcome with fear, shaking and small.
I feel full of courage, I stand brave and tall.
You understand for you have felt it all.
My heart aches, full of sorrows and regret.
It takes all my strength not to cry and scream.
Your head whirls with missed moments, woken dreams.
We love and for that love, we live and strive;
even if the darkness seems to come alive,
deep inside is the power (not only) to survive.
Deep inside us is the spark to warm the coldest night,
to light the brightest fire, to unthaw any ice.
The fire’s source so magnificent – a near vice.
Simple, true, undying, eternal: all adjectives precise.
We feel this spark, this emotion, this gift so true.
So many words, so many ways, and yet so few.
Feelings as old as time still so new.
Yes, hairs will turn gray as time goes by,
and we will grow old and eventually, die.
But our souls will rise and together we will fly,
for a love such as ours shall never expire.

copyright Misty Tittel 2009

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