5:13 pm

today’s been odd, mom came home from new mexico and she was not in a good mood due to the fact the there was still remains of the party that took place Thursday.  lets reflect on what happened Thursday.


I woke up at a decent time and after getting ready I met katie at a park in papio where we waited for cora & jj to meet us even though JJ took for every to meet up we got snow cones and decided it was time to swim we split to get our suits, when I got home I changed then blase showed up he was buying the alc for the night so I handed him the money then he took off with micheal to walmart.  katie and cora showed up minutes after and we decided to go to the Indian market it get henna ink.  it was fascinating in there just how different the culture is blew my mind.  we went back to my house after and micheal, ashley, and blase were there they had got sonic and that made me, cora, and katie hungry so we headed to walmart to pick up some food, after roaming the store for about 20 minutes we decided on chips, pepsi, pizza rolls, and boneless buffalo wings.  once we got home we threw the food in the oven and waited for jj to come back over once the food was done everyone was there and the night was starting.  jj and i sat at the end of the table katie and cora had the other free seats and micheal, blase, and ashley shared the bench.  we started playing kings cup which is always a good ice breaker after that ashley has pulled me aside to smoke a cig with her outside and she decided she wanted to take a walk, unfortunate for jj he got pulled into the walk.  ashley told us about her break up and he feelings for blase and how micheal is messing with coke.  we arrived back at my house around 9:45 from the walk and it was time to drink more so I made myself a drink and erin, grace, and kayla showed up we took shots for grace is homecoming from the navy then shots for blase being home, then for erin being the DD any accuse for a shot.  Kara showed up and the night was going good after a few bowls the night was kind of a blur that I can remember but I cant remember enough to write down what happened.  until some suggjested we go swimming at which everyone wanted to go so we walked across the street to my grandmas pools and hopped in at which I do not remember anything that went down in 40 minutes we were in the pool, until I threw up.  everyone got out of the pool and went to different parts of my grandparents backyard and threw up… so the night was doomed over we had a long run it was around 2:30 am and we promised my mom we’d quite down around midnight after linea informed her we were having a drinking party at her house.  so once we got back to my house I stopped on the stairs and just laid there katie and cora joined me I remember not knowing where my shirt was and I was freezing cold in just my swim suit blase brought me a piece of pizza and I ate it on the stops finally we got up and headed over to the couch we threw on a movie and were about to pass out until erin, aaron, and kayla walked back into my door they had left to take grace home.  the house was roaring again and it was impossiable to sleep so I decided to if you cant beat the party join it I headed over to the kitchen table and plopped down we all sat around the table and talked and laughed jj, katie, and cora joined us we smoked some more and katie did drunk henna on everyone (that shit last for ever let me tell you) the sun started rising and we decided it was probably time to call it a night we headed back to the living room where the terrible move “pet cemetary” was playing the living was packed with people watching this horrible movie. the: clock struck 6:30 am and erin, aaron, kara, and kayla left.  katie and cora left around 8:30 jj left around 9:30 and i went to bed at 10 am. it was a night I will never forget and probably the biggest mess I’ve ever had to clean up.

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