That night…

This being when i was 8 … im 15 now and unfortunately all the therapy and site blocking cant help me escape from my i said i was 8 and my parents were out of town and left us in the care of my grandmother.We would always sleep in their room when they were gone because we missed them. it was late and evrybody was off to bed. My sister was very excited about something she saw own tv.Their room  had all the unlock channels so you either no what im heading to or not. But, anyways …yes it was a bunch of porno movies on there many.At the time i didnt think it would effect my life the way it does now. I thought it was really fun to watch the “Grown Up” stuff and to just stare with wonder.. but if i only fucking knew back then how i was going to poison my brain with sex to wicked things i would have warned myself……D:

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