An unfortunate summer day of loneliness

I don’t even know if anyone will read this, but here goes nothing I guess.

I realized, I’ve literally got no friends, I mean, I have friends but this weekend I have been hanging out with my mum and watching Vampire Diaries and that’s about it. If any of you live in Canada, I suppose you’ll know of Canada’s Wonderland. It’s located in Toronto with anyone with an interest. Anyway, this weekend, I was feeling the need to go as I have a seasons pass and have barely gone all summer. I used to do figure skating before the inevitable came, as my back injury became worse and worse. That’s besides the point, as the end of summer is a key time to the opening of competition season, all of my previous friends were off and training their hardest for this weeks competition. I completely forgot about this and decided to ask some of my friends from skating to join me on my adventure to Wonderland. Of course, they all said no because of this particular stressful time for all of them. I moved on to asking friends from school, as I would not be seeing them this school year since  we were parting ways. As imagined all of them were busy for the first time this summer and I, yet again was left in the dark. This resulted in me asking my uncle as he rejected me as well. At this point I was running out of options. As my mother had mentioned as I was at my lowest point of scrolling through my contact list trying to find somebody, anybody to join me, a family friend was going through the exact same dilemma as I. Being the desperate human being that I am, I ringed her phone as soon as this was mentioned. Evidently she said yes. This brings me to the end of the day where all I did was go to the bookstore with my mother and watch Vampire Diaries until 12 in the morning. As I finish this as it approaches one in the morning, I realize this isn’t a very long entry but bloody hell why not. If any of you found this story even remotely interesting, I’ll leave all my social media as well as my blog below. Thanks for reading! Write again tomorrow.

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One thought on “An unfortunate summer day of loneliness”

  1. Hello,I’ve noticed you’ve got snapchat and stuff. But nerves get the best of me, I’ve been in your boat with your current situation and trust me don’t hit your lowest piont, we should chat. If you’ve got an email that would be great. I’m a girl and I’m 20 years old, could do with some friends myself to be honest.

    Many thanks


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