First day as a 24 year old

Today was my birthday and every year I look forward to my birthday to celebrate with friends and possibly have a little too much to drink…this year it was completely different.¬†

My friends at work (my co-workers are my friends) made me feel like a princess. Which on the insid, I tell myself I am 😊. Although I did not have anything planned what so ever for birthday I enjoyed the day.¬†

let me fill you in on how my day got started. So went to work and found my desk decorated and it was so amazing! I felt the love that my friends had for me. I had cups with my fav snacks and confetti everywhere. After spending¬†my¬†morning in meetings I was ready for lunch. I didn’t make a big deal out of it so no one joined me for lunch. I also didn’t get a cake or happy birthday sung to me. And don’t get me wrong I did appreciate what they did for me but it wasn’t the same. The cake and the song are the staple to every birthday.¬†

I went home home excited because I knew I would spend my night with my honey. I picked up dinner, which I paid for, and waited until he came home. I was home around 6 and he got home about 20 mins later. We started to eat when he proceeds to tell me he meant to get me a gift card but didn’t have time. My heart sank and not because I didn’t get. Gift but because at this moment I felt like my birthday wasn’t going to be special. I didn’t get flowers or a card from him. He has his own business and I understand he’s busy but damn that was a let down.¬†

After dinner I decided to see if he wanted cake and he kept falling asleep on the couch and it wasn’t even 8 yet! I went to get cake and the cake I had picked up over the weekend had gone bad! 😠 I was so upset at the fact that I had high expectations for everything and nothing turned out like I planned. I sent my boyfriend upstairs so I wouldn’t hear him snoring on the couch and sat on the couch and had a pity party.¬†

you know what, I’m glad my friends did what they did and they made it a good birthday. Beside the cake going bad, I had some ice cream instead and sang happy birthday to myself. Some people may think it was pathetic but at least I tried to turn it around. Although my heart slighty hurts because my honey didn’t make me feel special today there is always tomorrow.¬†

Goodnight n Sweet Dreams. ‚≠źÔłŹ🌙🍬

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