I’m not going to be that poor dog

As such it is probably best for us to be friends and not lovers;

I once found a dog and took her in.

Bathe her, fed her, and gave her fur a trim.

But I realised, I’m no good with pets and caring.

So I carried her out and said “Sorry not happening…”

and business partners who care very much about one another and trust one another.

The dog didn’t leave and proved herself.

She guarded my house and offered help.

So maybe I should take her back and start caring.

For I can still trust her after all I’ve been.

I know that one day you’ll have children of your own and a beautiful home, dedicated husband and everything you might have always dreamed of – I want very much to help you get there, but I don’t know if it will be I who will share that home with you.

Perhaps I can tell her “It’ll be fine.”

At least I’m here even if she is not mine.

If she is happy, then I will be too.

“‘Cause soon someone will truly own you.”

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