Pop Quiz Poetry

Complete in blue or black ink. Blood will count as extra credit. Only lies told through a clenched jaw will be graded. You have until the end of Tuesday’s thunderstorm to complete.

1. How do you bring yourself back from the dead?
A: Swallow the heart of the last person you thought she loved.
B: Take the yellow pill of her tongue.
C: Douse yourself in kerosene. Give her the match.
D: Her hands.

2. Use 5 in a sentence to describe the destruction of her mouth:

3. If on the 24th of November, she says your name for the first time with her teeth on your throat and you are on your ninth cigarette, how many more will you have to smoke before you can breathe again? Answer in the form of heartbeats per minute.

4. True or False:
– The night tastes different now that you have tasted her mouth.
– She has the combination to your nightmares.
– A girl with eyes like those can be twisted.
– Her favorite song sounds a lot like how she owns you.
– This is a good idea.
– She wants to stop the bleeding.
– She opened the wound in the first place.

5. Complete the sentence: She said that you are______.
A: that feeling you get when summer fades to autumn and the world slows down just enough to catch a glimpse of everything that’s been promised to you
B: hers

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