EDU 315

Week 1


What is something that was made clearer to you?

What is something that is still confusing?

The thing that was made clearer to me is that not everyone has the same ethical views and standards. What might be ok to one person is not ok to another person. For teachers, that means that there could be a very thin line between wrong. It is important that teachers always remain professional, and know the clear difference between right and wrong.

One thing that is still confusing to me is that being able to find all the answers I need to be able to do well in this class. I am normally really good with research and can find almost everything, but finding things for the state of Georgia has been difficult.



Week 2

  • what benefits come with tenure and seniority? What challenges exist?
  • What role does fairness and consistency play for the first-year teacher? Why?
  • In scenarios like this, what will be the responsibilities of the effective school leader?
  1. There seem to be more benefits that come with tenure/ seniority than challenges. Those teachers have a stable job. New teachers starting out don’t have that yet.
  2. Well, fairness is important. A new teacher doesn’t have the same skills as a more experienced teacher so the new teacher needs to be fair to herself. Asking co-workers for assistance is a good idea.
  3. To make sure that new teachers have the confidence and skills they need to become successful. The leaders should want teacher to stay on for the benefit of the children so they should act as a mentor to new teachers.


Week 5

Write 200 to 300 words on specific content that was learned this week.

  • What is something that was made clearer to you?
  • What is something that is still confusing?

FERPA is what sticks out as being something that was made clearer to me. Honestly, I had no idea I, as a parent, even had those rights. It always seems like the records are so confidential that even parents are kept away from them. Even though I read that schools are required to tell us about FERPA, I am not sure that they do so in a way that helps everyone know what it is. They don’t go into details, just the minimum of “know your rights under FERPA”. Or maybe I just completely ignore the paper that is sent home since there so many things that are required for parents top fill out at the beginning of the year. I will pay better attention from now on though.

Something that is still confusing is understanding what I can and  cannot copy for the students in my class room. I will have to look into this more so that I can make sure I do the right thing.




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