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Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of losing our beautiful daughter, Lindsay, to cancer. She was only 31 years old. It was a devastating loss, but I am thankful for the time we had her. She definitely left her mark and improved her corner of the planet during her short lifetime. She is missed greatly. It’s a hole in our hearts that will always be present. But I can honestly say that her compassion and generosity exceeded her years. One of her good friends writes a journal in her memory, and it is poignant, sad, and uplifting as she fondly recalls lessons Lindsay taught her. I had planned to share the link but don’t have it readily handy so will include it in a later post.
Last year one of the football games honored family members and friends who had lost a loved one to cancer. Players wore purple jerseys and Jacob’s jersey honored his Aunt Lindsay (see picture). Jerseys were given to family following the game. Lindsay’s husband was not able to make the game due to a schedule conflict, but we made sure to pass it along to him.

In today’s Traverse City Record Eagle (our local paper), the sports section did a nice article on the two local high school football teams as football practice officially kicked off the season. “My” Jacob was quoted and 3 paragraphs were dedicated to him. It reads as follows:
“Senior lineman Jacob Steelman said subsequently, ‘there was a new level of energy during the first practice. This year everyone feels more energized. It’s more of a family focus,’ Steelman said. ‘There is no separation between grades. It’s really more team-focused this year. I think we are going to do good things. This is my favorite time of the year, of course. I am excited to get out here with the guys, work hard for our goals. It’s going to be fun.’
The article did not say but I suspect Jacob was given so much space because the word on the street is he will be named this year’s Captain. Yes, spoiler alert – you heard it here – Jacob, Captain of the Traverse City Trojan football team!!!!! I can actually feel my heart swell. And, I could not be prouder that others see what I see in this talented young man. Bragging Granny

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