Mom jeans: A Sign of Maturity? (Or that I might be a closet hipster?)

Today I went shopping for the first time in forever. I don’t usually buy things for myself. I’ve always just been a very frugal person. (However, I will spend a good bit on food. I. LOVE. FOOD.) Not only that, but I can’t exactly spend extravagantly right now….My job sucks.

However, I’ve also recently hopped on the minimalist train and I’ve been obsessed with getting rid of things that have no real use or sentimental value. My wardrobe was definitely not spared. I went from having a huge wardrobe full of clothes upon clothes (mostly black…it was always hard to find anything in a hurry.), to having just the basics. But, I took it to the extreme…and..well… I basically had three skirts, 4 t-shirts (that I wear to work), one pair of pants (my work khakis), and maybe 4 different jackets (Jackets make the outfit, in my opinion). Not many “basics” here. So…I decided to suck it up and *add* to my collection.

First, I ordered a pair of basic black leggings and a t-shirt from wearpact…I had a $10 coupon AND I got free shipping. I also purchased a nice little versatile grey top from eBay. Then I decided to hit the local Goodwill. There, I found a black cami, a grey plaid button-up, a grey sweater (I purchased a lot of grey today…), and another black button-up that could be worn casually or to work-related events. However…I really needed bottoms. That’s when I found the mom jeans.

Now, normally, I wear your typical, low-slung, crack-showing junior jeans. And normally, the idea of wearing anything higher than my hipbones would repulse me. But…well, I’ve gotten to a point where my body just *does not like those* anymore. So as I was shifting through the hodge podge of different sizes, where 0’s and 24w all share a space, I came across a particular pair of pants that looked like they might possibly fit. They were a faded black, not too fancy, and the waist was a bit higher than I would usually go for. But, I decided, what the hell? took them to the dressing room, and…I was utterly surprised. Right off the bat, I noticed not only that they were very comfortable, but the they actually looked *good*. They fell maybe an inch below my belly button, but they still managed to keep me looking shapely in all the right places. They didn’t look like my mom’s jeans at all! However, there is something about them…a certain “maturity” that definitely says “I did NOT buy these in the juniors section! And I go to bed at a reasonable hour and I might even vote in this next election!” And paired with some of the other new things I bought, I can create outfits that look “grown-up” and even professional!

I’m quite proud of my purchases today. I usually have this “Meh. They’re just clothes.” mentality, but I’ve kind of gotten attached to these jeans. 🙂


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