Yesterday we had to put down the last of our cat.  Pauwz was Catherine’s kitten  growing up and was 18 years old.  Every system in her body had let loose.  Almost all the vets wanted over $100.00.  Pay it forward did it for $30.00.  Liz and I were holding her as she went to sleep for the last. Eighteen years ago Pauwz picked me out and wouldn’t let go.  She batted milk ring around as a kitten.  She had to put up with 2 big dogs, two small dog, and 2 older kittens.  She still ruled the house.  She laid with me when my heath wasn’t good. Her kiss were rough like sandpaper but she always want to loved.  When I ate my cereal in the morning she would jump up on the table and wait for me to give her some milk that was left.  She was always there to greet visitors. At the end, she watched over one small dog and one big baby dog.  She is now buried in the back yard with the love she deserved. right next to her sisters. She is now without pain.  Thank you God for giving us Pauwz and for letting  her leave with dignity.

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