in another world
binaries do not exist
and opposites attract nothing more
than frustration and furrowed brows
love is not sold to highest whitest
straightest bidder
and rights are not dangling carrots
ripped from us but offered on silver
platters to feast upon
regardless of card carried

gender is not constructed but rather
left to the imagination
unlike nakedness which is no longer
sexualized by vultures who polish
their lenses with saliva and semen
but celebrated, the idea of deferred
gratification outcast by complete
genitalia irrelevant

profits are shared
equal parts success and
milk optional
wealth is not born into but earned
and strived for; though never died
a higher currency in kisses from our
fat is not an adjective spat from the
lips of children
thin is not splayed across every
glossy page
bodies are not pit against each other

women are not play things
but formations, moving mountains
forged over many moons
who’s thighs could crush the most
pertinent of stars

unless they want to be
in which case they are draped in
moonlit shadows cast with the glance
of their desired
an orgasm more of an accepted
challenge than a vague possibility
but never valued above enjoyment
beautiful skin of every shade is
religion is not a prerequisite to
having a soul
merely a suggestion, an elective plus
sex is not expected
romance is not strictly anybody’s
dystopia is left for looks and films
and stories
we can all breathe, filling our lungs
with air proudly, without the fear of
being heard

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