All I thought I wanted was out, I didn’t think that life was for me. You were committed. Now all I want is in, but it’s not time for that, and at this point may not ever be again. The hardest thing for me to do to date, is come to terms with that. To realize holding myself accountable for what I did very may well entail not getting what I want. So I think it’s time to stop pretending, stop trying to force things, and let you go… You have a very clear outline of what you want right now, and unfortunately it does not include me. But I did that. I took my wedding ring off for the first time since our honey moon, but as I took it off I realized just leaving it on everyday for almost three years meant nothing… So I am going to continue to change and grow, and become an honorable man, alone, on my own. And be the best father I can possibly be. You, go live your life. Just know I am ALWAYS here, always. I love you.

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