What is life to you? How’s life? Are you happy with your life or not? Are you lucky or not? Are you screwed, miserable and your nothing to do with your life or your happy, motivated and did I just mentioned your happy? hehehehe…

Nahh no kidding.


They said that life is one of the beautiful gift that god ever given to us but it doesn’t mean that it is a flawless one. No wonder that life is not fair. It is? Hell yeah. I believe on that “Life isn’t fair”. That’s what i saw, that’s what I think it is and lastly that’s what I’ve experience. Sometimes you’ll end up in confusions, sometimes in anger, in happiness, in sadness or what ever. Life is full of mysteries that can make you flabbergasted. You’ll never know what will come next and next or the last of your life. But in other way around, even though vices are there, flaws are there, we enjoy of leaving in this world. Ironic isn’t it.

I’m just a simple person that has simple dreams, simple goals right now. I’m not rich, my father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife. Along my voyage, trials trials pop up as easy as 1, 2, 3 but even though it is like that I never regret living in this crazy world. Perhaps when I was a little kiddo but as time fly by I realize that living in this world will experience escapades  that every person cannot imagine that will happen to them.

Sometimes in life, we don’t know what to do. We end up fabricating choices that can make our mind more complicated. Simple choices but big decisions. Why do we keep on making those choices if in the first place even though we know the solution to our problem? Simply because of this following reasons “this reasons are made up by my creepy mind”, first: it will step our egos; second: we don’t like the idea; third: someone might get hurt; fourth: we might end up of loosing; fifth: where just stupid. I don’t know if this are the only things but in other way around picking a choice doesn’t mean you are absolutely wrong. In this world choosing your choice will always depend upon you but you must face the consequences of your actions because in the first place no one will be going to blame except you because you are the one who makes the move. So before you decide try to think it a thousand times. Yes it might be an advise that you can hear form everybody but believe me it’s effective because you cannot predict what will happen after you decides. Why? because all regrets are always in the end.

Are you believing that you are less fortunate than the other? Why?  As What I’ve said, life is unfair. Every persons take different paths. You don’t know where will you go? Then where the same…. Funny isn’t. I don’t know what are the paths that are ready for me to go with simply because I’m totally confused. Why? ‘cuz my journey is starting but I know god don’t want me to be the person that has nothing with me he will prepare something special just for me. But I guess it is not right now because he needs me to experience the obstacles that can make me stronger. And I know it will come to me so I’ll just wait and face the world that full with unexpected. So to all the people that don’t know where will they go, just keep on searching until you find what do you really want to be and god will always behind you. Apparently even though I am starting right now I don’t consider my self as a less fortunate because even though I don’t have enough money I can expense some of my expenses, even though liabilities are greater than my assets at least I am still alive and kicking. Who cares if I can’t buy the things that I want but the fact that I am doing right things then it is fine and lastly I am not yet a beggar to be pity with and I don’t want to be pity by someone but sometimes even though I consider my self as fortunate because I do have proper place to sleep with and I can eat, I hate my self sometimes because I’m pity with my self because of _____ and I cannot help it. I cannot tell to others even though my parent on my situation because I know that they do have also problems that came to them and I don’t want to be part of that. I am telling my self not to problem my problem because even you problem that shit it will never solved so instead of being problematic and keep on asking and asking what will you do on your problem, just try to look for the best solution. Sometimes we just need to set our mind at peace so that we can concentrate on deciding the best solution for the problem. This will be a great motivation. Indeed.


Life will go on and on, Just go and go with the flow. Never give up. Sometimes were look like fools but who cares this is us. we keep on doing things and don’t give up in all the circumstances that will shown in our lives. So don’t let miseries take over you. Fight and fight because this will be your tool to become stronger.





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