Officially rock bottom

This summer has proven to be a disaster for me. What was supposed to be a chance for me to piece my life back together, has turned into more lying and more failure. I now can add another dropped class and another F to my resume and I don’t even seem to care! All I did all summer is skip class, sit in my room, watch tv, and eat a bunch of food. I somehow have managed to gain 50lb since mid-April, and 60lb since this time last year. None of my clothes fit and I am completely dreading my flight home tomorrow to see my family for the first time since spring break. The guilt of hiding my grades from them has been killing me but the last thing I want to deal with is hours upon hours of lectures on how I am clearly not ready to be in college and how I must remain at home. I still believe that I can figure my life out on my own and I do not want to be on lockdown once again after the brief experience of freedom that I have enjoyed. 

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