Simple ways to maintain a fan account on instagram.

We all have those swiftie accounts where we just cannot stop those ghosties right?

Well, here are some simple tricks that could get you running in no time.


Post a theme, don’t just post the most recent picture of taylor swift at starbucks.  Get some editing apps ( Allis, Picart, Picollage)

2.  Write captions that mean something in each post example

Hey guys! Today I went to starbucks and got a latte.  It made me think of taylor lots, Is it just me or does everyone go to starbucks and say ” My name is Taylor?” Personally I don’t but anyways ( emoticon)

Question of the day: Dogs or cats

Answer of the day: cats because they are more loyal in a way and they are very personality filled ( I don’t mean to offend anyone)


If someone comments make sure to always reply,  if you don’t reply in a nice way the person could block you and spread hate about your account.  :C




I hope you found these tips useful for your fan account and if you have any questions contact me at

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