I know everyone of us experience to be a child, a kid. I think no one of us experience like the movie “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” where in Benjamin was born old and his time goes backward because when time flies he become younger and younger and younger… Nahhh I thing we’re all normal……

Earlier, when I’m going toward my destination, I saw some grade school pupils running and playing. I just remember the old days that I become a kid that you don’t have to worry to much. You’ll just study, meet your friends, play games with your friends, run towards there, and there and there like you don’t have any problems to stress with and you’re just carefree in a way that your living isn’t your concern.

When I was a kid, computers back then I not that known. Phones? Minimal of us has it.  So, as far as I can remember my friends and I used to play Filipino Street Games like Taguan, Habulan, Patintero, Sile-sili, Langit-Lupa, Tumbang Preso, fling kites, ride bicycle and so on so forth… Way back then our games will not let you sit in a corner and press buttons with a controller that will use to point something. Our games needs you to make your body move, its either you run, walk jump with real players with real strategies and real sport spirits. It is so much fun. It may consume so much energy and time but then again the happiness is priceless.

When night comes, that’s the end of the game…. meaning happiness of the game starts to be part of your beautiful memory that will be treasured a you’ll bring till you get old.

When It is raining,  sometimes I used to play under the rain with my friends sometimes I will look at them when my parents don’t want me to go and another thing that I do is to sing , ” Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day Little Children Wants to Play, Rain Rain Go Away “. I know it is very childish but I’m still a child that time.

At that time also my parents used to teach me how to pray and when to. They also teach me Filipino values because my parents said that “even though we’re not wealthy, this values that we are teaching you are some of the treasures that will never take away from you.

The last treasure that my parent given to me is the education that I have right now… Is just that, it isn’t a money or any literal treasure but I considered it as the most wonderful treasure that I get in my life and thanks to my parents that even if we are not rich, they strive hard just for me to finish my studies…..

Oh well.. reminiscing the past sometimes makes you smile or make your face like you eaten a bitter gourd… HaHay!!!! o well I just miss being a child…


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