Day 4: Last Day At My Dad’s

Ack! I haven’t been on here for along time. I’ve just been busy and it just slipped out of my mind…Cheesy excuse? Well I’m sorry, but that’s what happened.

I didn’t do much this summer. Besides going to Texas for five days. Did you know we went by car? It was cramped as f@#k. I don’t very much like touching people or people touching me when I’m tired. So it wasn’t really a good time for me on the way. But it got enjoyable after we reached our destination it got enjoyable. Tubing, wax museum, bowling, family visiting. I would really love to go there again, but by plane this time. ^^’

I cleaned my room. I played game. I slept. I played piano. I drew on my iPad. And I eat. My cycle every summer day now. The only interesting thing that happens are my dreams. They’re getting more and more intense each day. 

I cant wait to go back. -0-

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