Leaving you alone, tomorrow night.

Is really, really hard… You are the person I want to share everything with. Anything that happens in my day, at work, with the kids, anything I feel is positive, you are the only person I care to tell. You are who I want to talk to all the time, you are who I want to spend time with. I have thought about trying to go out with friends, or take a trip alone, but nothing really sounds that good without you… I am sorry, I am trying to leave you alone. I know these feelings I have aren’t mutual. Tomorrow you are going to that gallery event, I can’t wait to see the kids. But if I’m being honest, I feel jealousy. I know you have always like Taylor, maybe not like that but he makes you laugh. In sure there will be plenty of other guys there too. My mind can’t help but wander and this that maybe that is the happiness you are searching for? God knows I haven’t given it to you. It kills. Me. To think of someone else having your heart, but ultimately, if this is what makes you happy, there is nothing I can do. No amount of change, words, fight, nothing can change how you feel. I’m not saying all of this is what’s going on with you, but I truly just have no idea, and my mind definitely wanders there. Tomorrow will be hard I know that, I am preparing myself now, and I am just going to enjoy every last second with the babes. I do hope you have fun, I really do. Yeah, that’s all…

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