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Never done this before! a little nervous. i decided to start this journal because i have a lot of stuff going on in my life and i had a fucked up past that kind of fucked up me being able to really be a kid. My mom and dad split when i was 5 my mom moved to California and i didnt see her again until the age of 19 by me visiting her. my father physically and sexually abused me when i was little and i forgave him and now he is currently in jail again for silicitating a minor! i live with my fiance’s mother who doesn’t really like me in a two bed room apartment with 7 people. i recently had two previous friends break into my home after they moved out and stole all of my belongings. Every piece of clothing i owned, and have humilated me and made me feel so low. I struggle with depression and anger issues. i was in placements and group homes my whole life. in the care of DSS since i was 12, discharged myself at the age of 18 without finishing high school or really learning to live independently. theres just so much going on. Its hard for me to find trust in other people because i’ve been hurt so many times.  i guess i just need feed back and people to help me and say that i’m not alone., i guess 

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  1. Oh wow. You’ve really been through an awful lot. But, I’ve recently found that getting it all out helps things, even if it is just a tiny bit. Everyone is struggling with something, so you’re not alone. Stay strong. 🙂


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