Pissed off

so I got a random text message I have no idea who the hell it is, I replied about 10 times asking who it was, but they sent me a screen shot of Alexes ex who has his baby, talking shit about me and Alex. She didn’t want to go to this fair because she is scared to “bump” into us? And she reefers to me as the slut and Alex as the douche bag. I got another screen shot of her meet me account? I don’t really care about that but whoever is sending Me these messages hates her. I can’t figure out who the hell it is. And how the hell they have my number.. I might have to change it again. I had to change it when I first got pregnant because Alexes ex was harrasing me and having her friends harass me. It’s pretty funny when she calls me a slut when I don’t cheat on my husband, or have meet me a Accounts and I don’t flirt with other guys. So I’m a slut because I don’t cheat on Alex? That makes sense. She’s obviously still an immature little girl who can’t get over the fact that things didn’t work out between Alex and her. If it didn’t bother her anymore she wouldn’t be referring to is as a slut and douche bag. Whatever that’s her own problem. And honestly if I would run into her in person I wouldn’t even do anything it wouldn’t phase me. Me and Alex ran into one of her best friends and her mom one time in walmart and they were really nice to us. I thought they were going to start shit but I’m glad they didn’t and they were nice. If people are nice to me, I’ll be nice to them. Simple as that

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