School and Feelings

It’s almost Friday and I’ve already found a few people I like.  I don’t usually get many friends.  Especially not on my first day, which is what happened.  But that’s not really what I came here to type about today.  Maybe I’ll get to that later.  I’m talking about love or “love”.  However you view it I guess.  I’m only sixteen and I’m not single…


I know it’s probably not what I feel right now.  I just have a little crush on some dude, right?  At least he’s really here, unlike my boyfriend.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my boyfriend, but he lives so ffar away and I want to be with someone I can talk to and al that other stuff real couples do.


But I’m too shy to say anything and I still have some feelings for my boyfriend.  Besides, I’ve possibly known my boyfriend for over a year and I’ve only just met this other guy.  I just think he looks good.  He’s super sweet too!  They both are.  But I came here today to talk about him.  His name is Joey and my boyfriend’s name is Joseph.  It’s kind of a funny coincidence actually.  But they look completely different.


Joseph is Mexican/Native American.  His sense of style is pretty normal –  Plain T’s, Jeans, etc.  He loves to have his hair fluffy and messy and I love it that way too.  Joe (Joseph’s nickname) is always busy so we don’t talk much but when we do he’s usually happy.  He hides his true feelings until he just can’t anymore and then he hides away in his room but all I can do is sit and wait.


Joey is a little bit goth (maybe pastel goth) and his hair is shoulder-length curly.  To be honest, first time I saw him I thought he was just a really tall girl.  That was until I heard his voice and it’s so deep.  He’s really quiet most of the time but he’s sweet.  But it’s only our first week of school so I don’t know much else.  I doubt he feels anything for me…

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