some progress

i have a case manager now. something i’ve been trying to get one of now for the entire run of my having RSD. looks like it takes extreme measures to get shit done around here. i secured a referral to a new pain specialist but may have to wait for 6 fucking months so hoping 1 of these others in this other place are going to turn out to have openings sooner.


sketch ai did about a week ago. cyberpunky thing i’m knocking around. well, we’ll see. let me see if i can still call up the stuff my art teacher said made Geiger look like he was doing carebears. if i can call that up and grab for he darkness, i might be able to something really intense with another character Glarf (who’s going to be a riot cop except riot cops are all mutant berserkerz  (oh fuck off spellcheck. actually that’s more correct. it’s a nordic word anyway. Bear-shirts is what it meant.) like they mutate anyone who volunteers for the job and they’re stuck like that forever.


but only if i can draw him. if i can’t draw him, i might not end up doing anything with the concept at all.

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