Who I have been.

At work today, I went in to a patients room to see if she had anything seeing thread(was mcgyvering a treatment for someone lol) but before I asked that, I asked how she was doing. She started talking, and telling me about what she is going through. Her house that she has had for 72 years was just sold, and she now has nothing, and has to come to terms with living the rest of her days here. As she started talking, my first instinct was “ugh I have work to do” but then I really started listening to her, and just let her talk. This women has raised like 4 children, has been independent her whole life, now she sits in a room all day, with only her memories, her body won’t allow her to fight anymore, the other day, this other patient told me how she hasn’t seen her husband in 30 years, and then told me she feels the same way about him that she did on their wedding day when she was only 17… These people are still alive, they still feel the same pain you or I can feel, the same love, all emotions, but they can’t change anything. I remember now, what this job is about. Even if all I can offer these people is a shoulder and a ear, sometimes that’s all that helps. These people make me laugh, make me cry, frustrated, they make me look at myself, young and still have the ability and opportunity to change myself, and make a good life for me and mine. They inspire me.

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