Im a failure to life

When you think about it, do you remember the last time you have actually been able to look at yourself in the mirror and be happy about what you see? To look at your own face and just smile, while you think that things isn’t really as bad as they sometimes seems to be?

When I walk by my mirror I look down or close my Eyes. I can’t stand the look of my own reflection. This  big failure in life. This worthless, ugly face that’s gonna look back at me with that lifeless look. No spark, no will to keep fighting. Everybody feels sorry for her, because she always look so sad. She always did and she don’t know how to feel Any different. It’s pathetic.

The will to keep on going just because It’s the right thing to do, isn’t there anymore. All that’s left is an empty shell of someone Who was never a complete person after all.

They say that It’s gonna change at some point, but what’s it got to take for that to happen?

It never happened before, so why would it this time.



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