Move In Day – Wilkins Hall Tri Towers

Today is the day I meet my roommate and move into my new home for the next 6 months. I am beginning my college career at Illinois State University as a Speech Path major. I decided to live in Tri Towers, because its isolated and off campus, yeah it is a far walk but out of all the dorms, I personally think its the place to live at. 

I had my ex-boyfriend drive me to school for move in day, considering no one in my family did not even know i was attending college. So he helped me move in, and then i remember having to say bye to him and he was crying, i know pretty insensitive but i started laughing because he was acting like i moved to Australia. 

Anyways, met my roommate her name was Michelle and she was clean, that is all i honestly cared about lol. We lofted our beds which honestly was the biggest hassle to climb up and down from it. Honestly if i ever missed class in the morning, it was because i was way to lazy to get down from the bed. 

Here are some of the pictures i have of my room:


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