Every Chance Given

Today has been more then too long that youve been gone and ive been feeling that heart aching pain from missing you , August 14th 2013 was a day full of emotions and heart breaks , break downs and our souls and spirits to re build. Pain and heart aches really hurt deep , I remember the last time we spoke , it wasn’t really what most would expect . I remember your voice , as if it was yesterday , I could hear you loud and clear.  I remember the sound of your tone when you would sing a song. ” Trust Issues ” by Drake was the main one becides ” Adorn ” by Miguel , which you sung on point , with deep emotion and from the bottom of your heart. Each memory we’ve shared has a lot of importance and Meaning to them. Those memories were meant. Times like this are very depressing. Without you , things changed , I miss you much more. I even wish I would of made different decisions, I would have reacted differently with certain situations. You played a very important role in my life. I remember the very first day we met… You were so happy , as music played , you danced to it . standing in the mirror. As slow songs slowly come upon , you sung along , provably better then the actual song. You had so much joy , very adventerous and outgoing. Your sense of humor was off the chain. Had us on our knees laughing for days , cheeks almost stuck with the smile on our faces .you loved to make people around you smile and laugh. You cracked jokes , even roasted us ; we roasted back , but wasn’t as funny as yours. You did what most people would be scared or nervous to do . if there was a stage with flashing lights , and one person chose you to show the audience a dance or sing a song , mist people wouldn’t , pass it right on by , but you would get out there without a question , rushing to make us laugh from the dance u would dance  and cry from the lyrics you would sing . Your fearful ? Nah there’s one thing you feared. Just like all of us , we do fear at least one thing on this earth. Love. Loving someone without receiving love in return. That’s exactly what you feared in this life. Losing someone you love is a painful feeling to have and to deal with. Now I feel that pain. Without anyone to help me deal with it. I keep it inside. I hide every tear that falls down my cheeks , but remember , that place in my heart that you fulfilled , will remain yours forever and always !  I miss you ! 

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