i have a headache and there’s nothing more as usual

as in meaning that, i don’t feel quite as bad as i did

but i still do not feel the best

it’s all a drag


i want to go ahead and lay down

never to awaken

just cease my pain

i’m in in the worst, pain but i don’t, i don’t care

it’s all going to start again and theyre not going to understand

everything just repeats itself but there are some fun things….

which is the reason i’m alive.

but honestly sometimes that isn’t enough.

Why can’t people realize how great i am? is it because i’m really not? they dont appreciate me like they should? i should die? is that what’s wanted?

would anyone really mind? i know this is asked a lot and obviously someone would be upset about it, but they’d move on, my life doesn’t matter that much. they would eventually forget about me, words being fake and meaningless

it’s not as if i blame them. i do it to. but i don’t want to be forgotten i really want to be appreciated and noticed what did i do wrong what did i do wrong i didn’t do anything so i don’t understand why i can’t do any of this

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