Me: “Saw your picture with Vincent and Vinny. So they’re visiting you. How are you?”

Him:”I’m fine, thanks. How are you? Are you going to Duma’s wedding?”

(Duma’s our friend and former co-worker. She’s getting married to her boyfriend David and their wedding will take place on September 13.)

Me:”I’m all good, thanks. Yeah, I’m going to Duma’s wedding. Are you?”

Him:”Yeah. We can go together.:)”

Me:”I’d love to.:D” (My heart races.)


I’m not dreaming, am I? Did he just ask me out?

Me:”I’ve still got your books, by the way.”

Him:”That’s okay.”

I still have those messages saved on my phone. Up to now, I still can’t believe this. It was completely out of the blue.

Tony B. I didn’t hear from him for after a year, and next month I’ll be going out with him. (Well, sort of.) I don’t think he means it as a date, but who knows?

At least, it’s going to be great to see him again after a very long time.

There’s another bad news, though. My good friend Mark had to leave this country. His wife Tiara and their son Baby Timmy will be catching up with him in Holland in October. They’ll be living there for two years, for starters. Next, who knows?

Oh, well. Of course, I’m going to miss them so much. They’ve been so good to me. They’re some of the reasons I still want to believe that true love still exists. Good guys still exist for real.


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