Making love to you: Part 1

Can I tell you that I love you while I kiss your neck, can I whisper in your ear while I bite it. Can our bodies be so close that the heat gives off enamoring scents and feelings of lust drenching from our lips every time we kiss. Every time your body moved I knew you were more turned on, like the motions of each wave and tonight I would dare test those waters. I felt on your body and kissed from your shoulders down to the middle of your back sliding your shirt and bra off and tracing my tongue down the back of your leg as my hands crawled up your waist and tickled your spine. And as you grabbed your breasts, bit your lip closed your eyes and threw your head back. I knew then that you were mine. I worked my way up from your feet to under your cheek lips kissing you so intensely that my tongue wanted to joined in, I saw your juices sliding down your leg but I was waiting til I had you surrendering. I went to the front of your body with my tongue and tongue kissed your stomach licking your navel and playing with your nipples. By then more juices kept coming down your leg. Your body was warm and soft delicate. Each moment I kissed it I fell in love you let out a moan when I licked you slow. “I want it baby” you said above a whisper. You were ready for me your body trembled as I worked my tongue back up to your neck and as my lips met yours I slid inside you as you grabbed onto me and I pushed deep and thrusted my hips you moaned my name I grabbed onto you as you held onto me we locked like eternal lovers caught in the middle of stormy waters when you moaned I signed and when you signed I moaned. As I grinded my hips as you pushed up on me. I kissed you and told you you felt so good to me. My heart was racing. It was like another world that I didn’t want to leave…

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