Pleasure of Reading a Book

I’m sitting on the sofa curled up under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and a book. It’s been such a long time since I’ve read a book. Between this online degree and its computer assignments and the use of social media and TV, I’ve completely forgotten the pleasure of simply sitting down and picking up my favorite book and turning it’s pages, instead of clicking from screen to screen. A fireplace would have topped it all off perfectly! But I am so thankful for this peaceful time alone, in my own world, in the comfort and warmth of my house and the relative certainty of my safety.  I think in this day and age, we often forget such timeless things as handwritten letters and reading books simply for pleasure. We can email, Facebook, or Twitter, much quicker than the time it takes to write a letter, and we can look up the contents of books and novels online, if we must. Everything is computerized today. Of course, I am thankful for these quick sources of information when I’m trying to research for a paper or searching for multiple expert opinions if I notice some minor health issue with me or someone I know. I just hope I never allow technology to take over my life to the point that I forget the beauty of timeless forms of communication and the joy of reading a book.

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