Visit to the Badlands

So earlier today I went to this place by the name of “Cheltenham Badlands” with my family. It was my first time going there and I was just taken in by the amazing landscape! According to the sign, these badlands are red shale formed by soil erosion from poor farming practices back in the day (in case you don’t know, shale is rock formed mainly from layers of clay – yeah, I didn’t know that before either, just looked it up haha). The area was temporarily fenced up, but we jumped the fence just so we could get a closer look, take the very much needed tourist pic or two, and feel the shale. It felt rough, like having a coarse, raspy surface. But the silver and red colours of the hills, contrasted with the clear blue sky was certainly a sight to behold. I’m glad we had the opportunity to visit this wonderful place today.

2 thoughts on “Visit to the Badlands”

  1. Got plenty of landscapes just like this in our outback Carol. They are alluring, maybe because they look so alien. I think you are attracted to the alien side of life. Good pic!

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