Dear husband,

For this first entry, I would like to recall the first day we met. On 27th February 2015, I almost forgot that Prof. Bukhari was coming to our faculty and he was upstairs for the moment sharing his experiences. I was at Canselori eating my lunch happily. Class canceled so it’s time for my tummy. After I realized about what I’ve forgotten, I rushed to the room. I stand in front of the door for about five minutes and sat on a bench next to the door for the next five minutes because I thought it’s not proper to enter a room where the talks still ongoing. So, I decided to wait for another tik tok tik tok. Counting to 10, with Bismillah I opened the door. Taraaa all eyes on me. Good entrance I guessed. Pretending like nothing happened even all of the audience are lecturers and I sat down next to Ustaz Hakim. Bluargh I don’t even understood what he said as I came late. I didn’t get his jokes while others were laughing. Was I the only one who felt allien-like?

Few minutes later, the door opened by it’s own (this is not a horror story). Someone came in while holding a book with few papers in it. He sat in the direction of 310 degree from me. After the talk ends, our head of department was requested to give a speech. The man who came just now is our head of department? Him? Ouh, okay. From his appearances, maybe he still considered as junior compared to others. 

Now, it’s time for me to send my father’s regard to Prof. Bukhari. Yes. My father asked me to do that. Well, Prof. Bukhari is his old friend. I approached Prof. Bukhari and cot cet cot cet. I felt as someone was looking at me with disgruntled eyes like I did something wrong. Maybe something is wrong with my dressing or the way I talked or whatever. I continued talking with Prof. Bukhari and ignore the eye sight of my head of department who sat next to him. Feeling uncomfortable so I left the room immediately. 

In the evening, I was asked to be a representative of first year students to attend monthly meeting of department. Before the meeting started, I bumped into him (head of department) but luckily he looked at the floor when walking. Of course I met him again for the third time. It’s freaking weird if he was not in meeting while he is the head of department. He impressed me in the meeting. He really made my day. He said that we are good imitator. Actually someone brought up an issue about Mahrajan. USIM claimed that the program was their idea and we imitated their program. That’s why he answered in that way. Gosh! How can he answered like that with his cool reaction. From that, I can predict his personality but just a bit. 

I assumed that maybe he said to himself ‘huh, this girl again’ when he saw me in the room. My guess is right on target. he looked at me and asked my name. In the style of swank, I said “Najwa”. Bingo! Only two possibilities, either he interested on me or just asking me. One that I can guarantee, if he find me means I have to be cautious. Lol  


to be continued …

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