First Time


Well this is my first time doing this. I am 30 years old and so very lost in life right now. I figure maybe if I start writing about who I am and who I was it will help.  I want to just write about my life and see what happens.

I am not sure who can see this or even if comments can be made…if they can please do so! I will start my first post from as far back as I can remember soon!

I think this may really help me

3 thoughts on “First Time”

  1. You may feel lost…I did when I turned thirty as well. Turned out, I was just really ready to be myself. Thats the beuaty of life..we grow and change. At twenty you aren’t the same as you we’re at 16. I imagine at 50 we won’t be the exact same person we are at 30. Try to look at it as an adventure;)

  2. I’m 25, but I feel like we’re in the same boat. I am recently divorced, just moved away from my home town for the first time in my life, and am just now really getting the chance to choose and define who I want to be “when I grow up” (heck, IF I choose I want to grow up!)
    I look forward to reading your posts. Good luck!

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