I suppose I’ve gained my independence,
having my personal stance
in life as it is
although not always full of bliss.

It’s the choices I make
responsibilities I take
in hopes that there’s no heart to break.
It’s all for my own sake.

“I believe that you can live your own life,”
she once said to me.
“You’re the kind to always rise
to challenges and responsibilities.”

I’m glad she has got faith in me.
That’s all I need to hold on to, you see?
I can be whom I want to be.
I answer to nobody.

“Miss Independent?”
you snickered and laughed at the idea.
You said you were just a brutally honest ‘friend’.
Well, I could also be brutal enough to leave you alone with your ‘honesty’.

We all deserve to be happy.
I see you’re still caught up in your own insecurity.
Hopefully, someday you too can set your mind free
and just stop picking fights and finding faults at everybody.

I’ll be okay.
Just turn around and walk away.
Who says you should put up with everything?
Each of us is solely responsible for our own feelings.

Everything’s good; all is fine.
No need to check on me all the time.
I’m not a dumb, helpless kid – so would you mind?
Another giant step into my personal business – and you’re out of line.

I’m not a real ‘Miss Independent’?
Well, that’s not up to you.
Besides, I don’t need your acknowledgment.
I’m just doing whatever I can do.


(Jakarta, 18/8/2015 – 9:14 am)

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