Opposites Attract.. but Will They Last?

Opposites attract like a magnet pulling one to the other. Many of my friends married their best friend, soul mate, other half….I married my opposite.  While they feel like they’ve known each other forever in only a short period of time…I’ve spent forever learning things that hardly scratch the surface of his many layers. After 12 yrs..only 2 of those yrs married…a near divorce… I kinda feel I’ve been tricked by myself.  I like new ideas..people who really make me think..keeps me on my toes…I think I do at least. It was so interesting to be around someone who was everything I’m not..whose good at everything I’m bad at..sounds like the perfect balance, right??? WRONG! He doesn’t find me the least bit interesting…useful is about as far as my opposite traits go. I’m full of passion and life..he’s practical and emotionally barren. I find myself often envious of those that married their best friend…I’ve lived so long in my own shell and he in his..that it’s overwhelming when I receive attention and interest from others…but it makes me feel very alive..and very trapped at the same time. Opposites always haunting me.

3 thoughts on “Opposites Attract.. but Will They Last?”

  1. I totally understand what you are saying. I been having the same struggle off and on with my boyfriend for years. I love him and he is amazing but sometimes he still doesn’t understand me

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