The RV

This has always been a dream of mine and even more so this year. I want to travel a little, then go home, maybe for the winter, then in spring, be on the road again.

Next year will be an interesting year.

You see, I lost my job. Simply and purely stated. I received my 401K to pay bills and other things, until my unemployment came in. Dan got what he wanted, to buy a skid steer. A good 3 thousand price tag. Me? Well I got nothing. Okay that isn’t entirely true…I bought a pair of nice walking shoes and a little face creme. My total came up to close to 3oo.

I put two thousand aside for MY RV. We sold the horses for 1500 and got a 500 down with the next 1000 over two more months. My savings went for bills, food and mary jane (for my husband). Of course anything else that pops up that we need for living. We figured that once my unemployment kicked in that it would pay the bills. Ha! I was denied it. What a joke on me!

Looks like there will be NO RV for me.

I wanted an RV for three reasons-

1. To go visit my son in NC and be able to bring the cat and dog with me.

2. To allow my daughter a place to stay during the winter.


3. Once our 1 year lease ran out, we could move into the RV and live off grid and park it at places. Maybe work for campgrounds, follow the warmth and jobs.

Now I will never have the money to get one. Now I will have to get an outside job and work and slave away like I have been doing since 1987 with 3 kids. In a rut.

I guess someday right? I really think I am going to have to ditch the dream.


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