Thoughts about vow renewal set backs

Lets begin where I was at on June 23rd. About two months out from my vow renewal, I received a call from Candy. Candy is the woman who we have been working with at our reception locAtion, The loft at falls park. I had just shot her an email the week before to set up a time to finalized our menu and do tasting. We were in Beyson City and cell reception was horrible, assuming it was about menu I brushed it off and said I would call her later. Friday the 24th, she sent me an email stating the Loft had closed down and we needed to talk. Not knowing details, I panicked! I responded to email and as soon as I hit send my phone was ringing. After speaking with Candy I felt somewhat at ease. The wyff4’s story hit. The calls, FB messages, text message overwhelmed me. That was when I had to make a choice and I going to trust for this company to do the right thing or not. I felt they deserved the chance to make it right. Now before I go any further let me do a bit more explaining on what a big deal this vow renewal is. I will try and keep it short.. 2003-I’m 17 and my 21 year old brother, Matthew dies in car wreck. I struggled with depression before meeting love of my life. 2008 the eve of my wedding. A very huge extravagant wedding, my younger brother Stephen(20), his girlfriend Caroline, and Their friend will let my rehearsal dinner. Within a few miles of the rehearsal dinner location, also a few miles from my mom and step dads house they got into a car wreck. Stephen and Carolina died at scene. We all¬†drove up on the scene of accident. The wedding of my dreams never took place. Come 2014 as a result of depression and pregnancies my weight reached 230lbs. I made the commitment to lose the weight to be able to fit back in my wedding dress so my husband and I could renew our vows. As of January 2015 I reached goal weight and booked the Loft at Falls park for the reception location for 9/5/2015.
Back to July 26. It felt like a ton of bricks hit me when I read the email about loft closing. It would be a lie to say I didn’t consider seeking legal action, but something about Candy, even when we had no solution, there was something about her that comforted me. I felt confident she was going to do everything she could to make this right.
I cannot express my gratitude enough to Candy, and the High Street Hospitality company. They have seamlessly moved our location to another location, which is BEAUTIFUL! Not only that, Candy is dedicated to sticking by us up until and during the event. There were obstacles I came across that had nothing to do with the loft. They had no responsibility to help me in this area, but when I mentioned to Candy some of my struggles, she immediately made a phone call to owner, Jason. Within 24hours I received a phone call from Candy letting me know, they had worked things out for me. So not only did they quickly find me a location, the new location is honoring the Loft pricing, but then they have went above and beyond what was expected of them in order to make this day special for us.

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