Back To School

Dear Journal,

Oh my god cant believe school starts September 2 where I live. Other schools started early and probably gonna get out early too. I’m going into 8th grade and I need to do better this year. Last year I did good but I needed a little more improvement. But this year I have goals and I want to improve. When school ends I would be an official 9th grader. I cant believe I would be going into high school. Things are going to be different because I’m work hard and study my books so that I can go to college and have a happy life. But about middle school.. people think it challenging and the classes are hard and TOO MUCH HOMEWORK. I hear that all the time. But wait to you get to college there’s going to be more. When I first got into middle school I was scared because it wasn’t like elementary school it was different. I had to get used to learning how to open my locker, meeting new friends because its a bunch of elementary students from the schools coming to one big school. Since my 1st middle school was a academy like just 6th graders because there is separate schools like one school in 6 grade and another for 7 and 8 and other schools. In the academy it was just 6th graders so it was more peaceful or whatever you wanna call it. But just remember there is hard times in middle school and high school , just gotta do your best, work hard and everything will be alright. Well I gotta go but there will be more journals from me. Bye!

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