Examples in my Life

Today I’ve been reflecting upon how grateful I am for two wonderful older brothers. They are two amazing examples of men of character who value integrity above all else. Throughout their lives, they have always been consistent in displaying these qualities, who lead through serving, who always put God first in their lives and show gentleness, compassion, diligence, and love for others on a daily basis. They definitely are not perfect, as I am not, but I can see that they strive everyday to seek truth and wisdom more and more. I am grateful for this example that they set for me, especially as I am reaching an age where I would like to get married and unsure about how to tell if a guy has the qualities I want, namely the ones that I see in my brothers, and as I watch their lives, I can see this example become more and more real to me, so that I can tell the difference as best as I can between one who is real and one who is not. Furthermore, my brothers are very protective of me and have always said they will screen any guy who would pursue. In the past, they have early on shot down several guys who tried to pursue me and true to form, they turned out to have “hasty” intentions.  So thankful to God for these men that I have been blessed to call my brothers in my life. They are such wonderful husbands to their wives and definitely lead them with a servant heart.


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