Introduction – The Knight

Maybe I chose him because I enjoy a challenge and he is a worthy opponent. We often match wits, our battles of words are epic, legendary among the people who know us.

He is about an inch taller than I am, has light brown hair, slightly slanting blue eyes and a beard that suits him very well. He only has two upper front teeth, which is why his eyeteeth are a lot more in the foreground, turning his smile into a wolfish grin.

From the beginning of our relationship i knew he would be the man I’d marry one day. Getting to know him was like getting to know myself. He has the same sense of drama, the same sense of self-expression as I do. He is eloquent, “likes to hear himself talk” and entertains crowds easily. Often he seems to read my thoughts, but in fact it is only him thinking the same way I do.

Mind, we do have some differences. He is like an older, grumpier version of myself. Life has made him pessimistic. When I came into his life, he had already lost all hope in achieving anything. In not even 4 years everything has changed for him. Though we do not tend towards sweet talk and are more proficient in creatively insulting each other to everybody’s amusement he sometimes tells me that I’ve made his life worthwhile again.

He is me and I am him. It breaks my heart that there is something so important to me that I can’t tell him. But it’s either his heart or mine. There is a lot of suffering I am willing to do to preserve his happiness.

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