Introduction – The Protagonist

Every story needs a protagonist. Well, this is me.

I am the nice girl who’s always smiling. People keep remarking on it, even strangers on the train and it always makes me happy. Why shouldn’t I bright up other people’s lives if it’s that easy to achieve?

During my teenage years I used to be a loner and i used to be deeply unhappy with it. One day I decided that instead of throwing myself off a bridge I could just pretend I already did and start all over again. I began to care for my looks, I invited myself to parties, I popped in on conversations in the classrom. These measures might seem shallow to you, but they helped immensely. They showed me one thing: all the people I thought had been looking down on me had never done so. They just hadn’t known how to approach me. Some have even been worried about me. I learned that all people are the same, they all just want to be listened to and liked and told they are ok the way they are.
My father is a successfull business man. Though I haven’t seen him a lot during my childhood, I turned out like him and inherited his talent for self-marketing. I lack his ruthlessness, that’s why I will never make it as far as he did, but I’ve still done rather well for myself up till now. I graduated private school and both my degrees with honors. Now I’m in science, doing my dream job which gets me just enough money to make ends meet.

I cannot give you any photos of myself – I’m far too easily found online – so I will just describe myself. I am known as “the red haired girl” (because I dye my hair ginger) and “the girl with the braid”. I have hazel eyes with a permanent eyeliner and always wear makeup (foundation, but never anything more), except when surrounded by family, including my boyfriend. I am slim, with curvy hips. Though I am of average height I mostly wear high heels, because I enjoy the way they make my walk look confident.
I am not the right girl to talk to about what sports to do or what the celebrities are up to, but if you are into some Discworld anecdotes, getting the One ring’s inscription recited to you in black tongue or want to know what feat to pick for the next level of your rogue build, I’m the one.

I don’t know what else I could write about me. I enjoy little things in life: lying on the grass, seeing my pot flowers bloom, finding a vial rack in my favorite color. I am very forgetful, so I protocol even little moments of joy. It helps looking back later and see the good things even in times when life seems to fall apart around me. Last year I lost my mother to cancer. I was the one who caught my father when he entered the room in the hospital and found her dead, who held him and told him I was there. I was the one who did all the organization afterwards. Working helped me to stay strong. I am always the one to take over necessary tasks, because it gives me the impression of being in control and keeps me from worrying too much. Also, it makes me feel like I’m protecting the people close to me, taking their worries away from them.

Still, I’m not a good person.
It’s time to start with the story at the very beginning.

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  1. Oh my wow. Thanks for your comment. I came to check your page out after it and I feel so inspired by how you’re able to turn your life into a creative writing type of project, or a work-in-progress novel. Here I am now, starting at the beginning, and I’m eager to read the rest when I get the time!

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