It’s been a long time since I last kept a diary. I do have a blog, but this is different. In my blog I write all the things I want to share with my friends and family, all the good memories I want everyone to remember. I love my blog and looking at it always makes me happy.

Here I will write what nobody may know. I still don’t know how to start my story. I just know that I have to do this, despite the risk that someone someday could find this. I need an outlet for all these feelings I cannot openly express and I need to write it down, need to read it afterwards and maybe then it will all make sense.

The names of people occurring in my story are changed to ensure their anonymity, as well as mine. The “names” i pick may not always make sense to you, but they do to me.

Let’s begin…

There are two men in my life. I love both. They are so different from each other that one could never replace the other. Yet this is not the question one is supposed to answer in this case. One is supposed to answer, to decide, who does one belong to. Well, my life and deeds belong to one, my heart and thoughts belong to the other.

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  1. these entires are all things that happened?? I love it ! how you project your thoughts n feelings into creative writing to cope. I’ve always wanted to try it, along with writing things out to make better sense of it.

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