Tofu and Bed Sheets.

This is probably my least angsty entry so far.

I’ve been making tofu jerky for the past few days. It’s so delicious and amazing, I decided I needed to make some more. So I ran to Kroger, and they were completely out of tofu. Which is really strange, since I live in a redneck town where I’m the only person that I know that actually eats it, and everyone else eats meat topped with more meat. So I decided to nut up and maybe try Wal-Mart….I fucking hate Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart wasn’t carrying any tofu either. But since I was there, I decided I needed new bedding. I got a new black comforter and sheets, and they were not only way cheaper than I thought ($20 for both), but as I was checking out I remembered I had a years-old gift card gathering dust in my wallet. There was enough on the card to cover my entire purchase and I still have a good little bit left over! I think I’ll use the rest of it to buy camping supplies.

So I didn’t get my tofu, but I did, essentially, get free bedding. Which is cool.

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