Activity stuff I do this week

It’s two am Thursday I have found some songs I like and have watched Netflix killer stories.

A personal profile some things I think

nobody should think the wrong thing about people, judge people say stuff about them/ talk about them.  I think people should have a rational mind it’s not good to be mean or bad I have dealt with some emotional stuff.  I do not like bad in my life.  I have heard a lot of stuff I don’t like.

Oh they have this problem someone, or I am going to do this, or be so oblivious boy crazy, not even caring about anybody.  Sometimes they do but there’s a dark place you should not see.

she wants to talk about me well I clearly have done nothing that nobody can’t understand.  She said someone peed in the potato salad, makes people cookies and coffee has old stuff in her house.  I did not like it. She has a very active imagination saying stupid things.  I do not feel anything for her not bad or anything I don’t care.

thats my past and there’s no place like the present.  I am happy with what I have and what I can do I am focusing on good things not thinking about the past I’m not weak and do not need to here anything bad something that is not true.



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