S’mores & Smiles =)

This evening, I went over to my cousin’s house and we sat in her room and filled each other in about our lives, as it had been awhile since the last time we saw each other. We talked about what was currently going on in our lives, our relationships, and our plans for the (near-term a.k.a foreseeable) future. Then, we baked some delicious s’mores using both milk and dark chocolate. We made five of them, but as expected, they are just so damn filling with all those chunky, gooey, marshmallows and rich melted chocolate sandwiched inside (a diabetic’s worst nightmare)! haha. Then, feeling the bloat and seeing our bellies rise and take on a not-so-desirable shape, we decided to go for a night walk around the neighbourhood before heading home (I’m from Canada so I spell “neighbour” with a “u” just fyi). T’was a good night catching up with her & all.

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