Can You Relate?

Hey.  Same subject as it has been I guess.

My boyfriend hasn’t been talking to me much.  But I’ve been talking a little bit with my “secret” crush at school every day.  I haven’t left Joe (boyfriend) yet and I get nervous around my crushes.  Today I found out Joey (crush) had a girlfriend.  I was disappointed to hear (because I like him) but I never showed it.  The more I think about it the more jealous I get.  It’s very rare for me to be attracted to someone.  Especially not at first sight.  But he is the one boy in school I “like-like” and it makes me feel bad to think he may not like me or not as much as someone else.  I know I probably have no chance with him because I’m 16 in 9th grade (and he’s someone else’s) but I keep hoping I am his second choice.  For now, I am with Joe.  But since he’s been unable to talk a lot it feels useless to be him girlfriend and I was thinking of breaking up with him.  Being single isn’t always a bad thing anyway, right?

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