Crazy Day

So today was a long tiring but hopefully productive day! I spent most of it trying to figure out how to get my books covered since I really don’t have the money to pay for them. They are about $120 a piece and I need 4 of them.  If everything goes right I should hear by 11ish tomorrow morning (fingers crossed) I will be taking one of my classes that was going to be online up at the college and then this program will cover my books after I do this orientation and jump through all these different hoops…… But I am willing sooooo fingers crossed.

During most of my running around I had little man and he was such a good boy for me! He was very well behaved especially for only being 15 months old.  He walked like a big boy and even did the stairs with just a little help.  Instead of using just one foot he has to walk up them like we do so sweet.  Then at grandpa’s dr appt he was really good and even took like an hour nap in my arms while we waited for the dr and grandpa was examined.  He made a few new friends I swear he really doesn’t know a stranger although I guess he comes by it naturally because I find myself talking to random people.

I find myself completely baffled by how when I bring up school or what I want to do with my life now that I have figured it out that people would be happy for me. A certain someone really isn’t and seems almost upset that I am starting to get a life and figure things out and won’t be able to just come at their beck-n-call anymore. At least my husband is supportive (for now) all 3 of the girls are supportive (as long as things don’t change to much I’m sure and I keep doing for them….. :-P) although my sisters both seem really supportive even if one of them is going through a small crisis right now……But we are not discussing it cuz we are NOT going to borrow trouble or worry to much until the time comes to……   Anyway this is all for tonight! Hope y’all have great dreams!!!

Until next time!


Me <3<3 

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