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Last night the Traverse City Trojans scrimmaged 3 football teams at Thirlby field: Cheybogan, Saint Francis Catholic and Muskegon.
Granny had Grandma double duty because Rachel and Randy were out of town. This is the weekend of their family and friend marriage celebration at the Rifle River campground. In fact, Granny, Bob and Zander are headed there today. Anyway Zander has been staying at our house this week, and he had football practice last night from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. I had to get him to his practice and then drive across town to see Jacob’s scrimmage. This was the first chance to see how the Trojan team performs under their new coach – Mr. Schugars. The coach has implemented some interesting changes. The players no longer huddle. They know all their plays and the quarterback signals what play they will be executing by shouting out a serious of unrelated words. For example, I heard “Michigan, Detroit, etc.” Most interesting. It certainly speeds up the process.
Anyway by the time I arrived the scrimmage had begun. When I finally found Jacob #78 my heart did a flutter. It was exciting to see how he has grown and matured. He is no longer just a big kid. He has filled out his uniform in a line backer way and even his face has matured giving him a chiseled man look. Thank goodness for memories or I would lose my little guy behind all that masculinity!
Cheybogan was the first team the Trojans scrimmaged. There were 4 teams total and two teams played on half of the football field at the same time. They were given several chances to score and then swapped defense and offense positions. The Trojans played defense first and kept the Cheybogan offense scoreless. The Trojan offense scored 5 times against Cheybogan. It was pretty exciting to watch. Jacob is playing first string on both defense and offense so he is getting lots of playing time. He is in the best condition of his life. He told me that in practice he never gets any down time because he is playing both lines. And, it showed. He often broke through the line and kept his opponent at bay.
The next team they played was Saint Francis. This is a small private school in Traverse City. This team is not even in the same league as the Trojans; however, they historically are a very good team and it was also true last night. Trojans met their match. Saint Francis players scored at least 3 touchdowns against the Trojans, and the Trojans only scored twice. Saint Francis often broke through the Trojan line and often seemed to have 3 to 4 players on the ball carrier. Saint Francis players were really good and even the newspaper write up gave them lots of props.
Unfortunately, I had to leave before the third scrimmage began as it was time to drive back across town and pick up my Zander. Zander is again on the Packers team and the whole team moved up a level this year as they have grown. They are looking less and less like bobble heads as their bodies are beginning to catch up to their heads!
Before I sign off I need to thank my most generous neighbors for their support of Jacob’s football team. The players are responsible for selling 20 discount cards at $20 each, and 6 of our wonderful neighbors bought his remaining 6 cards. I am moved by your support of Jacob and most appreciative.
I am looking forward to camping with both boys and taking part in Rachel and Randy’s celebration this weekend. Next Thursday is the Trojans first football game and you can count on an entry next Friday! Bragging Granny signing off!

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